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Mark Your Calendars

Just while I'm thinking of it:

(Oh, and for the record: Peasants ganked from the Kirkleatham Museum in the Borough of Redcar & Cleveland. Google, Yahoo!, and Firefox logos ganked from their respective locations. Streaming green text over black background ganked from The Matrix. Remember, stealing from one is plagiarism, stealing from many is research.)


What does this mean, "to gank"?

My OED gives no result...


3: (slang), (transitive), (Internet) To copy, reproduce, reuse, or save an image, idea, or work of another person, often in the context of materials posted on the Internet. Ganking can occur with or without permission.

May I gank your icon?
The music in the following parody was ganked from the original.

In World of Warcraft, we are "ganked" when members of the opposite faction come and kill us, especially when they come in greater numbers or with vastly higher-level characters.

"The horde just ganked me outside of Everlook. Crap. Now they're corpse-camping me."


No one's ruder than a corpse-camper.

Nice image! Heavy on the irony and the peasantry, with less direct emphasis on the technowretchedness. Well done. =D

Why, thank you, Linda. Very kind.