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It's Only Afterwards You Realize

Well, the cold/virus/germ horde has finally been beaten back into submission. Spent the last week or so generally clogged up and annoyed/annoying with my snuffling. I love Afrin, but you can only take it for three days, and then it's just you and your immune system to get the job done.

It's been a pretty crappy week so far, thanks to things big and small. One small bright spot had been that, last week (Friday, I'm thinking), I finally got a contributor's copy of Aberrant Dreams, which had had my flash piece "Mandatory" in it. Now, of course, I mention it because of the cover art, which is quite striking. It had been done by Jamie Bishop.

I don't remember ever having met Jamie before, although only now, reading the newsreports did I find out we actually attended the University of Georgia together. He was just a year behind me. So now I'm not sure. We might have lived in the same residence hall, or took a class together. Something in your head tells you that you probably had run into each other once or twice, but that's just your monkey brain, trying to make a pattern with a face and fifteen year old memories. And now there's no way to know.

Sometimes the world is small and sad and maddening, all at the same time.

Reading: Nameless Cults, by Robert E. Howard.