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Ha Ha Hurrgghh

It's somehow a little sad when you have to have your spam filter flag comments with the phrase "nice site" or "good blog" or the like, since such blatant random compliments only come from spammers.

And don't think any of you can use the phrase ironically, because I'll most likely never see it. Filters don't handle irony very well.

* * *

It was a pretty good Easter, all things considered. Went over to my parents, where Ian and his cousin Chris got to hang out some, which was pretty amusing. There's nothing like putting together two babies whose awareness is just at that point when they notice each other. Pictures later, for I currently have some sort of firefight going on in my nasal cavity. Don't know if this is allergies or a Spring cold or more daycare crud or an experimental virus aimed at librarians, but it's all I can do to type this. And so, adieu for now.

Reading: This Is My Funniest: Leading Science Fiction Writers Present Their Funniest Stories Ever, by Mike Resnick. Ironically, some of them aren't even mildly amusing, like Spider Robinson's. Perhaps the virus has impaired my sense of funny.


Probaby the virus. :) One of my classmates had a story in there. The Moen story. I haven't read it since it was a bit rusty as an early draft and up for critique. Hope that one was good.