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Where Arkhamites Spend Their Summers

Gotta keep an eye out for those Spanish Deep Ones: "The Strange Lovecraftian Statuary of Puerto Vallarta." Those pictures are awesome.

* * *

It's currently Spring Break at our fine institution, which makes the library all nice and peaceful. Except for the fact that they're replacing the flooring in the halls that lead to the bathrooms on all four floors, so I have to go downstairs three flights to the basement. No, that's no trouble at all. And don't suggest a mayonnaise jar, 'kay? I ain't Monty Burns channeling Howard Hughes.

* * *

I haven't written anything worth keeping in months. That ain't right. Time for a change.

Reading: Couple things, actually. The Silent House, by Ed Greenwood, and Greetings & Other Stories, by Terry Bisson.