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Spirit Of Radio

The boy's nine months old today. Lisa and I took some pictures of him, as the last batch were a little dated. Here's one for your amusement:

God, he already looks like he's about six years old. How does he do that?

* * *

My friend Cheryl (hi, Cheryl!) pointed me in the direction of an interesting site: LibriVox. They're sort of an audiobook version of Project Gutenberg, with public domain works read and recorded and freely available for download. Gonna get myself a little Lovecraft, a little Dunsany, a little Twain for the iPod. Culture up, people.

And in other spoken-word news, the fearless Greg van Eekhout did an interview with blogradio Dork Forest, talking about his writing and his fascination with uber-Canadian band Rush. It's a double bill with filmmaker Chris Mancini, so skip ahead to the halfway point for Gregishness.

* * *

And finally: John Scalzi is offering himself as a write-in candidate for SFWA President, to give unopposed candidate Michael Capobianco some competition. That is interesting.


A. Thanks for the plug.

B. Your boy's getting cuter. I'd watch that, if I were you.

C. Begin the day with a friendly voice.

Truly a companion unobtrusive.

cute cute cute cute cute!!!