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Here From Totleigh Towers

There's apparently been some concern that I haven't updated here in a while. Perhaps I'm dead in a ditch somewhere, or at least trapped under something heavy, like the fridge, or Andy. Well, have no fear. I am not dead yet. But since I have been quiet for a while, maybe I should provide some updates.

* Ian's nine-month checkup was last Monday, and all went well. He is truly a young giant, measuring in at just over 32 inches in height, making him taller than 97% of all other babies. This also makes him the same height as actor Verne Troyer, AKA Mini-Me. By an interesting coincidence, Mr. Troyer's first movie part was as a stunt double for a nine-month-old baby on the movie Baby's Day Out, a John Hughes film you've almost certainly never heard of.

In other Ian news, the boy will be moved up to the next class on April 2nd. Big day for him: older kids, more to do, and generally improved possibilities.

* I sent in my SFWA ballot, since some of the races now actually have two candidates. So nice to see democracy in action.

* With the exception of a single story that had been requested for a rewrite (but lost in transit and resent eventually, hopefully not becoming lost again), my meager handful of stories are all in right now. They're just sitting around the place, drinking and harrassing the cats like manuscripts will.

* We're gonna put up a fence in the backyard, as a first step towards letting the lad go free-range, if he so desires.

* I read a book! Hey, that's kind of an accomplishment for me these days. Wodehouse's How Right You Are, Jeeves. It's amazing how I can now hear the dulcet tones of Stephen Fry as I read Jeeves's lines. He's in my head!


Not dead! Who had 3/26 in the pool?

I guess if you're going to have voices in your head, better Stephen Frye than Vern Troyer. And, yeah, I recall Baby's Day Out, vaguely. Joe Mantegna was the hapless kidnapper, right?

Wodehouse rocks!

I'm not sure whether it's good for you or tragically sad for Andy that he doesn't have you pinned down somewhere! Yay for Ian - already moving up to the next class - so exciting.

Exciting and terrifying, all at the same time! He's an actual little person, and he shows us that every time he starts crawling around the house, by choosing where he'll go next.

Trey, you're quite right. Me, I'd never even heard of this movie.

Scott: word.