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The Tale Of Sir Ian

Once again, the day care is having a picture day. This one is a spring portrait, in which the children are each individually posed with (and I quote) a little live bunny. Sounds harmless enough, but the permission slip they sent home says (and again I quote)

Furthermore, I release [photographer] and its representatives from any liability if the bunny accidentally scratches or bites my child, or if any article of clothing gets soiled or nibbled on.
Um, yes. I don't know where they got this vorpal rabbit, but they're clearly taking no chances.

Also, in a blatant attempt to seal his position as World's Most Adorable Lad, I provide for you our current favorite photo of The Boy:

Clearly, the winner.

Reading: Just read Sun of Suns, by Karl Schroeder. It reads as if The Integral Trees had been written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Fun.


Adorable Lad is certainly a contender for the title... That's a great picture!

OMG he is SO cute!!

Ack! Gah! Brain exploding from cute overload!


No, no! Too cute! Teh cute is too much for teh eyes!

a great picture of a great looking lad!!