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The Dog Ate My Postings

It has been a while since I've posted. Been one thing after another. Internet connection at home died for a few days, until I figured out it was caused by a churlish Airport Extreme Hub that decided to take the modem with it. On the weekend it seems like I actually have less time than usual; yesterday my day was devoured by having to teach not one but two classes; and so on and so on.

Yes, yes, I know. We all have lives. Mine just seems kind of, well, lively, recently.

At any rate, I'm behind on email, I haven't been paying attention to people's blogs, and I generally have no idea what's going on in the world. Some of the large things, sure: some big award show over the weekend? And didn't the Dow do something?

This is not to say we've been locked away in a small room all this time. We have done some stuff that's been fun. Had really kickin' seats, so big fun was had by both. On the home front, Ian's now got two teeth, he's crawled forward a little, and managed to pull himself upright a couple times. He's also successfully snuck up on the cats a couple times, attempting to pet them. Of course, to him, "petting" means, "grab fistfuls of fur." We're working on this.

Tuesday. Man, where does the time go?

Reading: You're Not Fooling Anyone When You Bring Your Laptop To A Coffee House, by John Scalzi. I actually read much of this when it was first posted, but since I'm promised a copy of the companion volume for suggesting its title, the completionist in me made a successful case for acquiring this one as well.



Ahoy hoy!