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Illustrated With Bears

So, Ian's eight months old today. He's coming along nicely: first tooth is poking through his gums, for example, although it still has a thin layer of skin covering it like a protective sheath. He's not yet crawling, but he has mastered teleportation. We can sit him on the floor, look away for a second, and when we look back he's in the same position we put him in, only he's shifted over a couple of feet. It's very strange.

Still, pictures say a lot, don't they? For comparison's sake, here's one you've seen before, of him at about a week old:

And now here's a more recent one:

I expect in another eight months he'll be benchpressing it.


Babies totally grow up so fast!!!

He's totally cute. He'll be walking around in no time!

What are you feeding him ?

Better question: Aren't you feeding the bear? **Calls ASPCA**

Wow. They certainly sprout like the dickens that first year. When Hunter was born, he slept on Shawn's rectangular ergonomic pillow (it had a nice channel down the middle that he fit in.) On the 17th of each month, I took a picture of him on or with the pillow to measure his growth. Hard to believe he was once that tiny.


Wow, he's incredibly cute!

It looks as though the picture was snapped just in time. A handsome child on the go who keeps mom and dad busy. Good luck with the teething!