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Here's Where You'll Find Us

I am home today. Have to work Saturday, so I get Friday off to compensate.

Lisa is also home today. She decided to take a vacation day, so that the two of us could hang out together.

Ian is also home today. Daycare sent him home yesterday with a fever, and he can't come back for 24 hours without a doctor's note. So, here we all are.

* * *

Trader Joe's have opened up a couple stores here in Hotlanta. We stopped in a couple weeks ago, took a look around. I bought some Gruyère cheese, a swiss cheese that's been aged in a cave for a year. I decided to try it this morning.

When I opened up the package, I noticed it had a full-bodied, complicated stench that reminded me somewhat of ass. But I sliced off a few pieces, put them on crackers, and it tastes pretty good. However, it does have an aftertaste that kicks in after a few minutes. An aftertaste of ass.

So, how's your morning?


Loves me some Gruyére. We've got a Whole Foods about a seven-minute walk away, and I make a point of haunting the cheese counter for free samples. I'd memorize John Cleese's lines if I thought the cheese, er, monger (?) would take Michael Palin's part.

What does it mean, anyway, to mong? To be a monger?

Blessed be the cheesemakers!

Gruyere is best served in fondue or mac-n-cheese with other more mild cheeses, in my opinion.

But hey! Enjoy the day off!

I always try and keep a eye out for Venezuelan beaver cheese. So far, no luck.