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Wonders Of The Past

All better, I'm happy to report, save this lingering cough. I would say it was in its last throes, but that phrase didn't work out too well for the last person who used it, so I'll just say I hope it goes away really soon.

* * *

Recently got a rejection from the amusingly named Cthulhu Sex Magazine. Apparently I didn't uphold all three pillars of their submission requirements (blood, sex, and tentacles). Ah well.

I also found out I'm a candidate for the Campbell award this year, thanks to the Realms appearance, but because of the recent qualification rules change, my long-ago Strange Horizons pub automatically pushed me into my second year of eligibility. Feh. I have no illusions about my chances to win (slim to nil, really), but still. Seems a bit dodgy to me.

Reading: Dying of the Light, by George R. R. Martin. Just had to check out the literary origins of githyanki.


It does suck that your first year of eligibility is also your second year of eligibility...

Good luck, Jon!

Most Campbell winners, if I recall, are either novel writers or people like Jay Lake. As I'm neither, I'm not really that worked up about this. But still: feh.