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An Ominous Portent For The New Year

My university recently put up a new building on campus, and to go along with it, they had a large sculpture installed called "Spaceship Earth." From the press release:

Created by world-renowned Finno-American artist Eino‚ the $1 million sculpture is considered one of the artist’s most notable projects. The massive design consists of a 15-foot-diameter sphere comprised of 88 separate pieces of Brazilian blue quartzite‚ and 2‚400 bronze pieces attached to the face of the 22-foot-high globe. A life-size bronze figure of environmentalist David Brower also is stationed near the apex.
I went and saw it after it was finished. Very dramatic looking.

At any rate, it seems it collapsed into rubble over Winter break, most likely due to the weather.

Planet earth destroyed by weather changes. Hmm.


What about the life-sized figure of David Brower? Did he survive the crash?

I have to admit my first reaction was a fit of giggling.

The third linked pic shows his hand, reaching up out of the wreckage. So, no, not so much. If nothing else, it's got a two ton rock sitting on it.

Oh dear.

My building's public art is a five-foot tall sentence in black decal letters across the front windows:

"In line with
a thing in istelf"

With a red swirly thing decal.

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Oh horror. I hadn't noticed the hand. Now it looks like a crime scene.

They should have used SuperGlue after utilizing Morph To Flesh. It woulda stuck together forever.

Alright, I giggled, too. That's amazing.