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Poor Ginormous

Time sure flies when you're not updating. There's been a lot going on here, but the most distracting thing is that Andy the Gargantukitty is unwell. He's been cuddling close at night, lying up by our faces, obviously in need of comfort. He has a recurring inflammatory internal thing, which every six months or so brings him to the vet for a shot of cortisone. Unfortunately, because he is the Gargantukitty, every shot runs a risk of him developing diabetes. Which is a gigantic problem for cats. So, tomorrow afternoon he's going to see a specialist, where more, er, investigative procedures will take place.

Poor guy.

Reading: Jade Tiger, by Jenn Reese.


Poor Hulk-cat.

My family actually took care of two diabetic cats, and both of them lived good long lives.

Okay, one did manage to have a diabetic episode and pass out with his head in his water dish, but he survived. No doubt with much mockery from the other cats.

Sending good thoughts for Gargantukitty...

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope he feels better soon. :-(

Poor Gigantikitty! Hope the vet visit helps him get better.

Best wishes to your kitty.

Thanks, all. Hopefully there'll be good news to report this afternoon.

Well-wishes for Andy!

Please give my best to Gargantukitty. Our Gussycat has been having similar problems the past couple of years, and I know how upsetting it can be when kitty is not well.