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Pink Soul Brother

Well, I'm happy to report that the internal medicine folks think Andy's just got a case of chronic pancreatitis, which is treated by adjusting his diet. Nothing's certain until they get the bloodwork back tomorrow, but that seems the best bet. I'm sure Andy'll be thrilled by a change in his food, thrilled I say!

Hey, it could happen.

In more bad news for Andy, the way they determined this was by doing an ultrasound...which means he now has a shaved stomach. Hey, at least he didn't get an olive in his belly button.


Our 150lb. lapdog, Bailey was diagnosed with the same thing about 5 months ago. The change in his diet was an expensive one. It's one of the Science Diets and costs us about $60 per 40lb bag,. which can last maybe a month. BUT, he is doing great and is in better shape (never fat, but he had a few pounds to lose). We also buy some of the canned food of the same brand and use it as a treat for him. Good luck.

Fingers crossed!

cheering for my favorite cat to pull through.

Thanks, all.

Glad to hear they think it's something treatable. Welcome to the land of awkward multiple diets!