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Out With The Old

Well, it's a rainy Sunday afternoon. It's not a bad way to end the old year, washing out the last of it into the gutters and storm drains. Bye bye. Plus, it supposed to rain all evening and night, which should do a fine job of squelching any fireworks people might try to set off.

This may make me sound like a grump, but I can't help it; they scare the cats.

I haven't had much time to update, what with all the festive holidaying going on. Plus, I've been lazy, lazy, lazy. A lay-ZEE boy.

This is the moment when I should look back over the year and sum it up. Well, I ain't gonna. A lot happened. Do you hear me? A lot. There, how's that summing up fer ya?

Hmm. Maybe I am a bit of a grump.

Reading: Dzur, by Steven Brust. Whee, Vlad!


Grumpy new year, you grumpy old thing.


Happy new year, o reclineable chair.

Happy New Year, Jon! I doubt you'll be a grump for too long.