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A Meme Of One

It's fair to say that this birthday passed without much notice on my part. It certainly wasn't like most birthdays, in that I spent some of the time dealing with Ian's unilateral decision on his stomach's part to return all oatmeal immediately. Along with whatever else happened to be present in him. I think he was just trying to keep his old man from getting bored.

And in a related note: Happy Birthday, young Timothy! And now question 11 for ya:

The Discworld Librarian is a wizard who was transmogrified into what primate?

* A howler monkey
* A baboon
* An orangutan
* A human, ironically enuf



Happy birthday, Tim!

Happy birthday, Tim!

Thanks, Jon! They'll never make a monkey out of you.

I love you, Dr. Zaius!

Thanks so much, Jon! We love those books!

And, happy birthday to you as well! I'm so sorry that I completely blanked that you two shared the same day of birth! I hope there wasn't too much returned oatmeal!

Actually, Heather, my birthday is December 10th, which is why I had the cryptic MPatHG posting then. But no worries!

Jon! Happy birthday to you!

Many happy returns.