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Such Writerly Goodness

The annoying thing about not posting every day (because you have the plague) is that things happen that you want to post about. Unfortunately, all you want to do at the time is die. So here's another summing-up list.

* The ever-alert, all-seeing all-knowing Jenn pointed out that my story "In the Lair of the Moonmen," in the December ish of Realms of Fantasy got a kickin' review in TangentOnline, who called it "the best story of the issue." I blush with praise.

This also means this issue is available in bookstores most places, so if you don't subscribe and would like to see it, you can buy it now. I'm also unbelievably happy with the interior illustration as well, as it is pretty damn sweet.

* I also have another story out right now, a flash piece called "Mandatory" at web/printzine Aberrant Dreams. Have a read, if you're inclined. It's short. They've also got really cool cover art by Jamie Bishop. What's not to like?

* Got another teeny tiny royalty check for "Eater," my story in the Such A Pretty Face antho. Last year's would buy me a happy meal. This year? Well, no fries.

* Oh, and today I got my contrib copies of the latest issue of Flytrap (and the sweet, sweet moneys as well) for my poetical works contained within.

To sum up: screw you, germs!


That RoF illustration is so incredibly beautiful. Might I suggest framing it and hanging it in Ian's bedroom?

I like being all-seeing and all-knowing. I'll try to keep it up.


Jenn, that's a pretty good idea. I emailed the artist the other day. See if he writes me back.

Thanks, Trent!

Jon, I just finished reading In the Lair of the Moonmen, great great story.

Aw, thanks, man.