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Literature Is Poorer For It

Thanks for your well wishes. I am (mostly) better, altho' still suffering the sore throat. At any rate, it seems to have receded somewhat.

* * *

Behold! The boy in his Halloween costume, such as it is. It's basically a black onesie with a spider web and button spider on it (a closeup, if you don't believe me). As Lisa put it, this meant we pretty much dressed him up as a dark corner. Hee. He's in an ironic costume, years ahead of his time. Next year we'll do something a little more costumey. Assuming I don't just slap a nametag on him that says "Hi! My name is God".

* * *

Spent the day over at my folks' house, celebrating my brother's birthday with him, his lovely wife Joy, and Nephew Chris, also known as He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Photographed-Smiling. Lovely time had by all. Also: ha ha, dude. You're still older than me.

* * *

Reading: While laid up I managed Deus Irae, a post-apocalyptico by Philip K. Dick and Roger Zelazny. Could've been the inspiration for GAMMA WORLD™. But now I'm reading the delightful The Android's Dream, by John Scalzi. You don't see many books open with an extended fart joke these days.


A dark corner - that's just inspired!

That is the most adorable button-spider I have ever seen.

Thanks! We thought so.

The boy is adorable.