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It Was So Young!

My iPod appears to have broke itself. Can't get it to turn on, reset trick doesn't work, not even the Code Red restore function. It comes on if it's plugged into something, such as the computer, but that doesn't make it particularly mobile. Dang thing's only two years old, far too soon for the battery to go wonky.


Reading: The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories, by Susanna Clarke.


Oh, that's maddening.

Did you try resetting the posnit with the franistan? That usually works...

Dude, that sucks. My last iPod broke in a similar frustrating way: the headphone jack stopped working. I can still play it through my car and my stereo, but still.

Sorry about that. With Christmas just around the corner, perhaps Santa will help you justify buying a spiffy new one...

Lisa, not only did I reset the posnit with the franistan, I also reset the franistan with the posnit. I am thorough.

Jenn, I think Apple's got some sort of swap policy, for those of us cursed with this sort of dead battery. Unfortunately, the local Apple Store is near a major mall! And we're approaching Christmas time! Aiee!

One of our student workers had something like that happen. She was able to crack hers open and re-seat something inside to bring it back to life. It crapped out again, so she opened it up & performed the operation...again. Here's the fun part-- that stopped working after a while, so she found an alternate way to fix it. She would hold the iPod in her hand and SMACK it on a hard surface. Believe it or not, that actually did the trick a few times, albeit with diminishing returns. It apparently died for good over thanksgiving, but she bought another 6 months or so with these tricks.

I honestly can't bring myself to try fixing my pod by smacking it on the table. But the suggestion is appreciated.