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Update: Some context.


Hee hee hee!

Aw, cute. And you gave Jenn a good laugh!



Great googly moogly, but you have a large cat.

First, I was laughing at that photo. Now, I am laughing at Jason Lundberg's response to the cat!

Glad you all liked it. Especially you, Jenn, since you started it.

Jason, he is a big cat. I'll be sure to announce the moment when Ian finally outweighs Andy.

Don't know which is funnier, the original picture or the comments :-)

I stared at this for a while trying to figure out if "sittin" was a typo for "sittin on". Then I tried to figure out how you'd photoshopped the giant cat into the picture. Then I realised my vicodin dose was wearing off, and moved on to saner activities, like noticing how cute your baby is. Great googly moogly!

Aw, shucks.

Also: no photoshopping. Actual poses/sizes of (at the time) fifteen pound baby and twenty-four pound cat.