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Word Of The Day

According to this morning's spam, is "coherecoshatmosphere." Swell. So what does it mean? Your guess is good as mine.

* * *

Got a 17 day rejection from Clarkesworld Magazine yesterday. A little slow for Nick, but he did just move across state lines, so I can see how that might slow a guy down. Also got half the payment for "Goddess." A small clerical error, soon to be fixed. Otherwise, the only news is that Lisa has a sinus infection. Or as the nurse practitioner put it, the daycare crud. Poor thing.


Hey, congrats on the Realms story! I can't wait to get my copy and read it.

Ummmmm -- Lisa isn't supposed to be in daycare. You haven't sent the baby out to work and left Lisa at daycare already have you?

No, no. It's when the kids go to daycare and come home with germs to give the parents, whose immune systems have gotten complacent. Sort of a little art project, only it's eeeevil.

Lisa now has laryngitis.

Thanks, Trent!