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Why Do I Hear The William Tell Overture?

This headline amuses me no end: Man Allegedly Fires Crossbow at Motorist:

"It was a drive-by crossbow shooting," said Steve Gilgenbach, a pitcher for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock baseball team who said he was the man's intended target. "I've never been shot at by a crossbow before."
Well, who among us has?

* * *

Ian had his second round of immunizations today. Poor lad. He's also reached the maximum length for his current car seat, which means we must needs buy a newer, larger, more expensive one. Poor us.

Reading: The Book on the Edge of Forever, by Christopher Priest, which I'd forgotten I had requested from ILL right after the Ellison flap.


You should put him in that new car seat and drive him here so we can see him in all his newfound bigness!

Yeah, carseats are the biggest racket. I suggest getting the nicest conversional seat you can find. Some of them will go all the way up to three years of age, if you shop carefully. Other wise, when he turns two, you may have to buy another.