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U. S. Marines Take Hobbiton

My alternative joke was going to be a Wizard of Oz reference, perhaps something to do with the breaking of the illegal monopoly of the Lollipop Guild:

Most Surreal Moment — Watching Marines arrive at my detention facility and unload a truck load of flex-cuffed midgets. 26 to be exact. We had put the word out earlier in the day to the Marines in Fallujah that we were looking for Bad Guy X, who was described as a midget. Little did I know that Fallujah was home to a small community of midgets, who banded together for support since they were considered as social outcasts. The Marines were anxious to get back to the midget colony to bring in the rest of the midget suspects, but I called off the search, figuring Bad Guy X was long gone on his short legs after seeing his companions rounded up by the giant infidels.
From "The Secret Letter From Iraq," author unknown. Time, Oct. 6, 2006.

Reading: Then Brown Girl in the Ring, by Nalo Hopkinson. Now The Continent Makers and Other Tales of the Viagens, by L. Sprague de Camp.