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Six Words

This is some sort of uberflash concept, squeezing a story down into six words. It's like putting a haiku on a restricted diet. And now it's spreading as a meme. My attempts:

"Baby's awake." "Aw." "No, baby dragon."

Frankenstein plus Ford equals clockwork necromancy.

Medusa's hairdresser needs cosmetology and herpetology.

Zombie dance: shuffle, shuffle, grr, shuffle.

Born. Lived. Died. Then what happened?

* * *

The baby soloing goes reasonably well. As I have to work tonight, my folks have come to visit and are minding the lad. I called a couple hours ago, and they said he was "ripping up the newspaper and having great fun." He is a kitten after all!

Reading: Olympic Games, by Leslie What.


Nice stories!

Let me know how you like Olympic Games -- that one has always intrigued me.

These are awesome. I particularly admire the first two.

My earliest attempts at new things usually are my best.

Yeah I like the top one best.