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Pour Some Sugar On The Wheel In The Sky

Like the cats, babies don't "get" Daylight Savings Time. But unlike the cats, it's not the dinnertime that's a problem, it's the bedtime (and correspondingly, the time they wake up in the morning). Should make for a fun week, as Ian makes the adjustment.

* * *

Got the second half of the payment for "Goddess" yesterday. Whoo!

* * *

Heard on the radio (97.1 The River! No DJs! Nothing less than twenty years old!) this morning that uber80's bands Journey and Def Leppard are touring together and coming to town.

Journey and Def Leppard.

Touring together.

Wow. How things change.


It's especially fun when the baby chooses that particular night to start feeling sick, and thus wakes up every 30 minutes. Darn it, I'm supposed to have an extra hour of sleep!

DST becomes much more annoying when you've got kids, doesn't it?

Yes, yes it does.

Yeah, my six-year old, who is always up early, was up even earlier this morning--even before the daylight savings time was even light out.

Fortunately, unlike a baby, the six-year-old knows to go quietly downstairs to read comic books...

Journey without Steve Perry? I dunno, man.

Well, at least they're touring, and haven't set up shop in Vegas.

Or worse, Branson.

I rather like the time change, because we're actually getting Hunter to bed at more or less his actual bedtime (well, so far, anyway.)