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In The New October

There's a review of Twenty Epics up on Tangent Online. I excerpt my paragraph without due regard to copyright:

"The Book of Ant" by Jon Hansen, like other offerings in this anthology, distinguishes itself by way of its unusual narrative structure. The reader follows the adventures of Ant through the ant world as she deals with Worm, the Queen, and other insects. This 3,000-word story is divided into ten short chapters, which is fine, but each paragraph is typically no more than a single sentence, and they are numbered like verses from the Bible. I learned to ignore the numbering, but more difficult to ignore was how half the sentences began with "and" for the first few chapters. The author admits to getting the idea from an old interview with Michael Moorcock where he states that many fantasy epics are written in a pseudo-King James style—sentences leading with "and" and "but" in order to create a sense of urgency. However, I found myself focusing on this stylistic eccentricity more than the story, which is a shame because the story is pretty good.
A message here, I'm guessing. Don't let your style get in the way of the story you're trying to tell.

* * *

It's feeling Fallish here (or Autumnish, if you prefer). We had to buy Ian a jacket, because he's now old enough to go outside and ride The Buggy. The Buggy, as far as I can tell from the pictures I've seen, is some kind of super-stroller, holding six kids at once. They sit upright and can view out. My sister-in-law used to work in a daycare where they had one of these contraptions, and when the kids found out they were about to ride in it, they would become very excited. Toddlers would forget how to toddle. Kids who were about to be fed or take a nap would cry because they would miss the ride. In short, in baby terms, it's a Big Deal (so much I'm learning).

But now he has a jacket, so can now ride in the Buggy and come to crave it. Ah, his first addiction. Safer than caffeine, I guess.


Jon, I and the reviewer read completely different stories, it seems like. I didn't think the style detracted at all from the story, and it ended up being one of my faves in the book.

Aw, thanks, Dave.

I can see why it might've been distracting. Starting sentences with 'And' and 'But' is one of those things I was advised not to do, or at least don't do more than once a story. Seeing such willful disregard could be distracting for some people. At any rate, he still said the story was pretty good, so I can live with it.

The Buggy sounds way cool. I want to ride in The Buggy....

You and me both!

I'm sure you hear this all the time but I just have to say it. I love your plush Cthulhu story. I found it a long time ago on Chateau Bizarre and I kept the link around to read when I need a giggle and to show to my friends. Today was one of those days and I decided to read it again. I finally got curious about other things you have written. I can't seem to find a list of places to find your work so... can you give me a place to look for more things you have written? Or maybe a list?