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And Now You Know It

Flytrap 6 will be out next month. I call your attention to this because I'm that issue's featured poet. There's be two old poems of mine ("The Laundromat Advances The Plot" and "Universal Language") and two new ones ("Seven Songs the Fantasy Writer Sings to His Newborn Baby" and "The Goblin Party"). Mmm, feature. You should also look into it because Flytrap gives good read, and Tim'n'Heather are swell folk and all that. But really I'm just being selfish here. Yes, it's all about me me meeee!

* * *

Bought the new car seat this weekend. And then, just 'cuz she asked so nicely, we went and visited Chandra'n'Jason in Athens. A successful road trip, I think. Visit went well (I especially enjoyed the look on Jason's face when we asked him if he wanted to hold Ian), and Ian seems to like the seat, if for no other reason than he now has a broader field of vision (and a clearer field of fire).

* * *

Finally, Lisa's going out of town Tuesday for a conference in Seattle. She'll be back Saturday, but until then Ian and I shall be left to our own devices. I'm thinking we'll be doing formula shots followed by competitive napping. Woo!


Oh! Congrats on the feature.

Congrats! And, thanks for bringing Ian to see us. You'll have to come again soon.

Congrats on the feature, Jon! Proud to be sharing a TOC with you.

Thanks, guys!

Chandra, we'll try and make it back before another six months goes by.

Dave, likewise.

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to that Flytrap.

While Lisa's out of town, don't forget to dance around with your son to the "Spiderman" theme song. YEeeaaah boyyy.