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When Ian Met Chris

So, Ian got to meet his cousin Chris this weekend (for the unaware, in the picture that's me holding Ian, and my brother Paul holding his son Chris). Seemed to go well enough, for all that neither of them are that terribly aware of their surroundings. There was a funny moment when the two of them were lying next to each other and Ian reached over and grabbed Chris's collar, but there were no demands for juice money or anything like that. Thank god.

On the downside, the boy's sick. And Lisa's sick. I might be sick too, but I don't know it yet. My immune system is probably still in negotiations. Trying for a doctor's visit tomorrow.

Reading: In the Land of Time and Other Fantasy Tales, by Lord Dunsany, and The Jeeves Omnibus, by P. G. Wodehouse. There is a very funny Lovecraft-Wodehouse parody by P. H. Cannon (Scream for Jeeves). Seems like someone should do a Dunsany-Wodehouse, if only to see Wooster put Jeeves to the questions of dealing with the Gibbelins or the Gnoles. I'm sure he'd run into Jorkens at the club, as well.