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In Which The Author Explains His Absence

Well, it's been fun times in the Hansen household since my last post. Yep. Fun, fun times. Yep.

Ian started day care on Tuesday.

Fun. Yep.

Reading: The labels on various packages of Tums. Not much plot, but pretty satisfying.


Just be sure not to take more than ten tablets per day and you'll be okay.

Also, get the grape flavored ones.

(good luck!)

Ah, man. I'm sorry -- that's about the hardest thing you'll have to do as a Dad. But Drew made it through, and so will you and Lisa. Hang in there, bud.

Can't even imagine. Good luck! Stay strong!

I was wondering - I knew the big day was about nowish. Hang in there!

Thanks, everyone. He (and we) did much better the second day, so I'm much more hopeful.