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Get Down, Get Funky

I am delighted and amused to report that I've been asked to be the Featured Poet for the next issue of Flytrap, which should be available at this year's WFC in Austin. Yeah, I'm as startled as you are. But still! I've taken advantage of their momentary weakness and accepted! Woot! And now it's time to party until they revoke my poetic license! Bwahahahahaha! USA! USA!

* * *

Also: the life of Charles Dickens, charmingly illustrated by the BBC, and the link ganked from Jason (thanks, dude!).


Hey, I'm not at all startled. I love your poems, and I shall look forward to that issue with greater than normal anticipation. Congrats!

Awesome news! Congrats!!! :-D

We're happy to have you!

I love your poetry, Jon. You have a sense of whimsy and wonder in your verse that I just don't see enough of elsewhere. I'm very happy to have you as our featured poet!

Sweet! Congratulations!

And I just renewed my subscription!

congratulations!!! but, remember there still is the laundry...


Thank you one and all.

And Mom, I would never forget the laundry. It advances the plot, after all.

Congrats Jon!