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Well, it's pink eye, all right. Just hearing that made my eyes start to itch. Poor little guy. He won't be going back to daycare for a couple days, lest he infect their other little charges. The fact that daycare is where he picked it up is a bit irrelevant, it seems.

Some other things of reportyness:

* Got back the rejection from Realms for my last sub, officially clocking in at 144 days. Interestingly, neither the blue form nor the yellow: handwritten on my submission letter. Whee!

* What looks to be the final installment of the IRS saga happened today. Won't believe it until we officially get the letter, but it looks as tho' Good has triumphed over Evil, the small individual over the nameless faceless giant, and so forth. Again: whee!

* Twenty Epics got a review in Strange Horizons. The specific mention for my story: "'The Book of Ant,' a tale of great formicidean boldness that Jon Hansen couches in pseudo-Biblical styling with moderate success..." Moderate! Whee! Well, at least they spelled my name right.

* I need to do laundry, as I'm out of clean socks. Whee! Oh, wait.


Um,... whee?

Congrats on the non-form RoF rejection! I aspire to that level. Maybe someday...

Sorry about the little guy's pink eye. That totally sucks.