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Back To Normal

Well, we've sent the lad back into the arms of Day Care. There was a red piece of paper stuck to the door when I dropped him off this morning, warning of an outbreak of Pink Eye, all parents should watch their kids, etc., and I thought to myself, "Hey, that's my kid!"

I'm so proud.

We did also get his first piece of artwork: his two feetprints, one in green paint, the other in yellow. Also came with an offer to buy a copy of it as a magnet ($5.75) or a mousepad ($12.50). Such a bargain. Still, I'll stick with the original on the fridge.

* * *

The SFWA Special Task Force is springing to life. Whee! To me, this is what SFWA should be about, not the crap in the Lounge, and I'm glad I can help.

Now, then. Time for a shower, and then to work.