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September 28, 2006

Back To Normal

Well, we've sent the lad back into the arms of Day Care. There was a red piece of paper stuck to the door when I dropped him off this morning, warning of an outbreak of Pink Eye, all parents should watch their kids, etc., and I thought to myself, "Hey, that's my kid!"

I'm so proud.

We did also get his first piece of artwork: his two feetprints, one in green paint, the other in yellow. Also came with an offer to buy a copy of it as a magnet ($5.75) or a mousepad ($12.50). Such a bargain. Still, I'll stick with the original on the fridge.

* * *

The SFWA Special Task Force is springing to life. Whee! To me, this is what SFWA should be about, not the crap in the Lounge, and I'm glad I can help.

Now, then. Time for a shower, and then to work.

September 25, 2006


Well, it's pink eye, all right. Just hearing that made my eyes start to itch. Poor little guy. He won't be going back to daycare for a couple days, lest he infect their other little charges. The fact that daycare is where he picked it up is a bit irrelevant, it seems.

Some other things of reportyness:

* Got back the rejection from Realms for my last sub, officially clocking in at 144 days. Interestingly, neither the blue form nor the yellow: handwritten on my submission letter. Whee!

* What looks to be the final installment of the IRS saga happened today. Won't believe it until we officially get the letter, but it looks as tho' Good has triumphed over Evil, the small individual over the nameless faceless giant, and so forth. Again: whee!

* Twenty Epics got a review in Strange Horizons. The specific mention for my story: "'The Book of Ant,' a tale of great formicidean boldness that Jon Hansen couches in pseudo-Biblical styling with moderate success..." Moderate! Whee! Well, at least they spelled my name right.

* I need to do laundry, as I'm out of clean socks. Whee! Oh, wait.

September 24, 2006

When Ian Met Chris

So, Ian got to meet his cousin Chris this weekend (for the unaware, in the picture that's me holding Ian, and my brother Paul holding his son Chris). Seemed to go well enough, for all that neither of them are that terribly aware of their surroundings. There was a funny moment when the two of them were lying next to each other and Ian reached over and grabbed Chris's collar, but there were no demands for juice money or anything like that. Thank god.

On the downside, the boy's sick. And Lisa's sick. I might be sick too, but I don't know it yet. My immune system is probably still in negotiations. Trying for a doctor's visit tomorrow.

Reading: In the Land of Time and Other Fantasy Tales, by Lord Dunsany, and The Jeeves Omnibus, by P. G. Wodehouse. There is a very funny Lovecraft-Wodehouse parody by P. H. Cannon (Scream for Jeeves). Seems like someone should do a Dunsany-Wodehouse, if only to see Wooster put Jeeves to the questions of dealing with the Gibbelins or the Gnoles. I'm sure he'd run into Jorkens at the club, as well.

September 22, 2006

Of Course I Am

Well, I can't argue with this:

I am Azathoth!

Known as the "Blind Idiot God", the center of all cycles known as Azathoth is the great void itself, infinite creation and inescapable oblivion made one. The Great God is without ego, as it has been embodied in a seperate consciousness as Azathoth has cast off the curse of self-awareness. Surrounded by the host of flautist servitors, piping the songs of the unknowable, Azathoth is not to be known by his aspirants. That is the purpose of another God...

Which Great Old One are you?

September 19, 2006

Fair Warning, Says I

It's International Talk Like A Pirate day.

This has been a public service announcement.

Reading: Toast, by Charles Stross. Mmm, toast.

September 15, 2006

Get Down, Get Funky

I am delighted and amused to report that I've been asked to be the Featured Poet for the next issue of Flytrap, which should be available at this year's WFC in Austin. Yeah, I'm as startled as you are. But still! I've taken advantage of their momentary weakness and accepted! Woot! And now it's time to party until they revoke my poetic license! Bwahahahahaha! USA! USA!

* * *

Also: the life of Charles Dickens, charmingly illustrated by the BBC, and the link ganked from Jason (thanks, dude!).

September 13, 2006

The Little People

They're all over London, so watch where you step.

September 11, 2006

Morning Has Broken, Or Flattened, Rather

This morning was interrupted to get a nail removed from my front tire. Sadly, the nail and the tire had become very good friends and refused to part ways. So I had to relieve the tire of its position and have it replaced outright. What is it with these nails and my tires? Grr.

Now, then: I need a bagel. Or something.

Reading: The Big Over Easy, by Jasper Fforde, and Wonder Tales, by Lord Dunsany.

September 08, 2006


One of my favorite Eric Idle songs, as illustrated by NASA. Plug in your headphones, hum along and annoy the guy in the next cube!

* * *

Some writerly things have occurred in the last few days. Got the contracts from Aberrant Dreams for my flash piece "Mandatory." Woo, paperwork! Inferred from a recent post by Slushmaster that my latest sub to Realms didn't make it. I'll wait until I get the formal notice before I update my stats. And in most pleasing news, my submission to A Field Guide to Surreal Botany antho was accepted. Woo, yay, and so forth!

Geez, this has been a long week.

September 06, 2006

In Which The Author Explains His Absence

Well, it's been fun times in the Hansen household since my last post. Yep. Fun, fun times. Yep.

Ian started day care on Tuesday.

Fun. Yep.

Reading: The labels on various packages of Tums. Not much plot, but pretty satisfying.

September 03, 2006

This Entry Lacks A Witty Title

In less controversial news, Ian has pretty much got that whole "hold your head up" thing down.

Next up: pushups!

September 02, 2006


Got two rejections yesterday, a six monther from Interfictions and another quick one day from Clarkesworld Magazine. Nick has boggled at the rate of submissions he's received from some people, but I think it's because his rejection letters provide specific detail on what the problem was. Doesn't he know how rare that is, and how bland most rejection letters are? Clearly not.

* * *

I haven't posted about the whole Hugo awards debacle, mainly because I'm somewhat removed from SF Fandom (easily achieved when you only go to a con every few years) and so don't have any direct experience of the people involved, except through their work. But I can say that Harlan Ellison has reduced himself to the level of an object lesson for me to teach Ian. Well done.