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Woo, Cauldron-Born

Not one but two rejections recently: a 36 day pass from the anthology Horror Library II (I seem to have missed Horror Library I, more's the pity) and a smokin' hot 5 hour rejection yesterday from high-paying-new-market-that-gets-all-my-crap-from-now-on, Clarkesworld Magazine. Which is, incidentally, edited by Mr. Personality. I liked his list of his rejection ticks as well. I'll let you guess which one I got (it wasn't the "Hold").

Reading: After a brief scouring of used bookstores to acquire all five volumes, I'm starting a childhood favorite, The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander, starring Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper. First up, The Book of Three.


Theo really liked the Prydain Chronicles, especially Gurgy.

I love those books! A great use of Welsh mythology and entertaining as hell. It's been 20+ years since I read them and I STILL remember all the characters . . .

Taran, Eilonwy, Fflewder, Doli, Gurgi, Dalben, Coll, Gwydion, etc.

Now that's the sign of great writing!