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Who Says Romance Is Dead?

Today is my and Lisa's anniversary! Our fourteenth, to be precise. So how are we celebrating? Why, we took Ian to get his very first set of vaccinations! That's right, we watched a medical professional jab our baby in the legs with needles. DTaP, Hep B, HiB, Polio, Prevnar, and the ever exciting Rotavirus. Whoo! Truly, we know how to live.

Despite his indignant protests, it went pretty well. Or rather, it went as well as could be expected. Right now he's sitting next to me in the office, sleeping off some grape flavored Children's Tylenol. He is, I mean. I wish I was.

In writerly news, got an 18 day rejection from Fantasy Magazine.

Reading: About to be Galaxies, by Barry Malzberg.


Happy Anniversary!

Yes! 14 years! Happy happy anniversary to you both!

Happy 14!

(I think that's ivory in the traditional system, or Rotavirus in the modern.)

Happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! I meant to email you well wishes earlier, but that wasn't in the cards for today. 14 years - wow!!

Happy anniversary!

Thank you all. It was.

Have a happy NEW anniversary year!