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Strangers With Wireless

A service announcement: posting may be light here for a little while. During last night's (admitedly rare in these days of drought) thunderstorm, it appear our DSL modem got zapped in some way. At any rate, it's not getting power. And yes, it's plugged in.

Either way, until I figure it out what needs to be done, I'll have less to say. I'm having to post using Lisa's laptop and the unsecured wireless setup provided by our neighbors. I don't know if they're altruistic or ignorant, but it's mighty appreciated all the same.

Reading: Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen, and Conan, Vol. 3: The Tower of the Elephant and Other Stories, the Kurt Busiek graphic novel. A study in contrasts.


That reading list is going to fry your brain.

We actually bought our neighbors a new antenna so it would be easier to pick up their wireless.

When my half-hearted attempts to get WAP working failed, I quickly adopted a philosophy of total altruism. I'm happy to be neighborly towards everyone in a 300-foot radius.

On the bright side, I've discovered there's nothing wrong with the modem. Turns out it's the UPS, which has apparently gone toes up. And as I still lack sufficient pluggage, I see a trip to Staples in my near future.

Sarah, actually Conan and Sense & Sensibility have some interesting overlaps. The character of Marianne is all about throwing off the repressive emotional shackles of English society and expressing one's self openly and honestly. Not unlike Conan, who has a dim view of the bewildering rules of civilization. Granted, they have a way to go before they meet, but it could happen. ;)