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Quite A Character

Oh my God, I am so there for this movie. So very, very, very there.


WOW! That looks great. I *heart* Emma Thompson so very much. What fun!

I saw this trailer in the theatre when I saw Teledaga Nights (yeah ok, a rental, if anything). But that premise looks hilarious. Especially the part where he hears that he's going to die and he's all, Wait. What? No!! No!!

Should be a lot of fun.

I thought Talladega Nights was pretty good, with Sasha Cohen particularly amusing.

Let's see, November 10. Will have to look into babysitters...

You know, I went to grad school with a guy that had almost this exact same concept for his thesis. Except his story was much darker.

His name wasn't Zach Helm, was it?