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Oh Boy, Sleep!

Last night a heavy duty thunderstorm rolled through about 2am. Lots of sturm und drang, bright lights, big kabooms, and so forth. Lisa went down the hall to check on Ian. I'd woken him up that evening assembling a recent IKEA purchase Lisa had made, and we were all worried he'd be lying in his crib, eyes like saucers, or some kind of dishware.

Nope. Sound asleep.

* * *

Saw that Mike Simanoff, the mind behind Little Toy Robot, passed away recently. He had linked to me way back when, seemingly for no other reason than he thought I was amusing. Never got the chance to meet him, even tho' he was an Atlanta blogger for a long time before moving to Chicago. Sigh. Vaya con Dios, little robot.

* * *

Finally, Greg's chapbook, Show and Tell and Other Stories, is out! Have you gotten your own copy yet? Have you read it? Have you devoured it? Have you stalked Greg incessantly until he made you a doodle of your own, to have and to hold forever and ever?

You haven't?

You sad, sad fool. How I pity you.

Reading: Show and Tell and Other Stories, by Greg van Eekhout; Twice in Time, by Manly Wade Wellman; In Lands That Never Were: Tales of Swords and Sorcery from the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, edited by Gordon Van Gelder. That last was mentioned to me in a rejection letter I'd gotten from him a year or two ago.


Curse you, taunting me with Greg's chapbook. For lo, I have ordered a copy and have not yet received it.

Maybe my doodle is a very special and complicated one. Hmm!

Ah, Jon, you were assembling a basket? *blink*

Thanks for the shout, Jon. Hope you enjoy the chapbook.

I've fallen behind on the doodles, but should be able to start sending them out after this week, when I'll only be working two jobs. (Note to self: Quit one job, *then* start the next.)

Ah, it's all right, Greg. Sooner or later, it's all good.

Sarah, I shall taunt you a second time: ha-hah!

Pam, IKEA is land of the flat pack item. The five sides are woven as individual panels in places like Bulgaria or East Timor, and then I, the consumer, actually attach them together.