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Icebergs, Not Terrorists

My mother-in-law is flying to the UK tonight for her work. With the new travel restrictions in place, she'll be at the mercy of the British cosmetics industry. Lucky her. But on the bright side, I'm guessing her flight won't be that crowded.

Personally I think trans-Atlantic cruises should come back into fashion. No one ever hijacked a ship to crash it into a building. Although there is the risk of icebergs, piloted by polar bears upset over global warming.


No one ever hijacked a ship to crash it into a building

Do you mean you haven't seen Speed 2?

No, neither have I.

I've always wanted to go on a trans-Atlantic cruise. Seems the only proper way to go abroad. Hmmm...

I don't think anyone saw Speed 2.

Wow. I'd forgotten Speed 2. I read the script when the VisEFX company I was working for was bidding on the job.

Never saw the film, though.

Reading scripts: the Troy McClure way!

I saw it. *shudder*

Those polar bears!