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I Just Like The Word

Signed up for an account on Writely.com. It's an online word processor, basically, letting you create documents without access to MS Word or any other word processing program. The company was apparently bought by Google not too long ago; I think they're going to implement a version of it alongside their online spreadsheets system (yes, you can make spreadsheets online; it's an option with your Google account, up in the top left corner). Clearly Google is looking to corner the online office system market. First step, I s'pose, is creating said market.

It's a pretty cool little system. Looks just like a word processor, with the standard formatting options: spacing, justification, fonts, and so forth. Plus it autosaves your work every ten seconds, which is handy. You can also upload Word or OpenOffice files, open and work on them online, then save them back to your machine. I can see this being popular with the students in the library: our computers don't have MS Word on them (campus computer labs for that), but this would be a good workaround in a pinch. Not that I'm planning on telling them this, of course. Let them find out about it themselves! Crazy plugged-in kids, with the MySpace this and the text messenging that! In my day, we coded our HTML by hand and we liked it!


Anyhoo, Writely also lets you share documents for the purposes of collaboration. You get one going, then send emails to people inviting them to, well, collaborate. I'm not sure how that part works, as yet. First, I'd need some collaborators. And then, well, something to collaborate on. Perhaps a plot, or a coup.

Reading: The Black Cauldron, by Lloyd Alexander.


Thanks for the link, Jon. I went to go sign up -- I've been looking for exactly this for some time now -- only to discover that I'd already signed up.

I often need to access files from various computers, so this system works great. Nice, fast interface, too.

And hey! It looks like it makes collaboration easier...

Well, I'm happy to have reminded you of it. And hey! We should collaborate on something someday.

We've been using Writely at work for collaborative documents, and, huh, it never occurred to me to use it for my own nefarious ends. But, yeah, I guess I could also use it for my own nefarious ends!

We've been using this on one of my projects. It's nice. I'm happy to collaborate with you if you can find a fantasy spin on math professional development :-)

Chandra, that shouldn't be too hard.

Greg, this way your ends can be twice as nefarious!

Sadly, you might be too right!