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Sorting through the metric half-ton of papers in my bag. I often write longhand when sitting at the reference desk, and in the last five years have collected a remarkable amount of paper. It's all sorts of stuff: early drafts of stories, scenes, random openings and middles, titles, as well as a lot of stream of consciousness. Basically talking to myself on paper.

Attached to a list of possible titles for a story I sold to Inhuman is a sticky note. It says,

'Work in phrase "pink and fuckin' sparkly"'
I have no idea what I meant by that.

* * *

In the mail today got a copy of Feeling Very Strange: The Slipstream Anthology, sent to me by the illustrious James Patrick Kelly, who edited it along with John Kessel. It's a contributor's copy of sorts, as they quoted numerous folks from a conversation on Mr. Moles's blog. As one of the participants so quoted, I got a copy.

Of course, other people like Ben Rosenbaum and Hal Duncan and David Schwartz all made thoughtful and insightful comments, while my remarks were mostly of the snarky nature. Go with your strengths, I guess.


I don't remember the specific context, but the pink and fuckin' sparkly has to do with Jen Fu. ...Come to think of it, I have a vague memory of suggesting that we should all write stories that work in that phrase, in honor of her. So I'm glad you took it to heart, or at least to the point of jotting it down on a sticky note, even if it didn't become the actual title!

It's a good phrase, anyway.

Thanks for the possible clue to its origin, Karen. I don't know or read Jen Fu, but it's likely I picked up from one of you. My working theory had been that I heard it used at the reference desk by a student, who, as you know, do say things like that from time to time.