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For Ian fans, that is. Behold! He's in jeans for the first time! Jeans that completely unbutton all along the inside of the legs, but still!

Reading: More Lloyd Alexander. The Castle of Llyr, and now Taran Wanderer.


Ian Fandom thanks you!

Gosh, look at that hair!! He is just crazy cute.

Big enough to wear jeans, but still conveniently fits in a basket. Sounds like a good compromise.

Adorable - of course! BTW, who isn't a fan of Ian?

He's *adorable*, Jon! I'm making goofy baby faces at a picture on my computer screen now, he's so cute!


Wow, what a cutie!

as grandparents, we want some credit for his cuteness!! and, boy, is he cute!!!

Heh! Isn't it a rule somewhere, that grandparents should take ALL of the credit for grandkid cuteness? Parents only have a little say in the matter!

thank you, bonnie.

Love the jeans on the little cutie! I read with delight you are reading Lloyd Alexander's "Chronicles of Prydain." I too am now reading "Taran Wanderer." I am a children's librarian who has read oodles of children's books. I have long wanted to read this series. I too searched the used book stores for all 5 volumes and they've been on my book shelf for YEARS. One day recently I read an interview with Alexander in "School Library Journal" and got very interested in reading them. I'm finally doing it! I am really enjoying them but I have to say the first two have been my favorites so far. I've always said before I die I want to read these series: "The Chronicles of Prydain," "The Dark is Rising," (read that a few years ago. Also good.) and the Narnia series. I haven't been able to get past halfway through "The Horse and His Boy" with that one. (Loved "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" though.) Happy reading! How about posting some thoughts on the series when you're finished with it?

Wow, tough room.

Kat, I'll see what I can do.