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Everyday Is BabyCon

Most everyone's at WorldCon this weekend, it seems. But not me. I'm at BabyCon. Whee! Here we can see the GOH wearing his nametag. Programming looks good, too. Eating, changing, napping, smiling & gurgling, tummy time, bathing, and so forth. I'm especially looking forward to the napping.

* * *

Finished the Prydain Chronicles. I'm pleased to see they held up pretty well, although I was surprised at how dark the last book was. Killing off minor but lovable characters will do that, I guess. But otherwise, I think Ian will enjoy them, once he gets a little older. I'm thinking six months or so.

In a related note, according to Wiki, the Disney version of "The Black Cauldron" was a flop. Partially because it was so very dark (Army of the Dead, woo!) as well as it not being a musical. Considering one of the characters was a bard, they had a perfect excuse to insert some songs, but chose not to. Now it languishes in obscurity. Ah well.

* * *

Found a pencil on the sidewalk outside the library yesterday morning. In all ways it's a perfectly good pencil. I mention it only because it says on it, "Proud to be Catholic" and then has a addy under it that takes you to the Archdiocese of Atlanta's web presence.

I didn't know pencils could have a religion. Do you think this applies to other writing utensils? Do I have Lutheran pens? A Buddhist word processor? Scientologist magic markers?

It's a complicated world.

Reading: Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead, by Alan DeNiro. Also, in a skimming kind of way, The Book of Lost Books, by Stuart Kelly. Hey, it got a blurb from China MiƩville.


The heck with WorldCon, I want to go to BabyCon!

I'm at ConnandNeveryCon* right now, and later I'll be going to PianoLessonCon.

*characters in my novel, okay?


Please let me know if you didn't receive the e-mail I sent you tonight. (I also responded to your first e-mail on July 25th in the (regretfully) negative.)

Your e-mail server doesn't like mine, apparently . . . .


Hm. Didn't get either of those messages. Stupid email server. Why won't you work!

That's weird. Here's the message I received when I tried to e-mail you:

The user does not accept email in non-Western (non-Latin) character sets.

That might mean something to someone more technically savvy than I am . . . .

Oh, and feel free to query a week after you send me something. I never take longer than that to reply. :-)

Did a little digging on that, and it seems there's some sort of weirdness between my host server (GoDaddy) and Outlook. It's totally GoDaddy's fault. I've twitched my spam filter, so hopefully that'll take care of it in the future.

And I will query a little sooner, Eric. Been a little busy, which is why it got away from me. :)