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When Ian Met June

Two rejections: a 57 day one from that new Fantasy Book Spot E-Zine, and another from a market that prefers to remain anonymous. What can I say? It's shy.

* * *

"So, that's a mighty cute baby you've got there," say folks (and well they should!), "but how's he getting along with the cats? Or rather, how are the cats getting along with him?"

An excellent question! For the most part, there's been a great deal of indifference on both sides. Ian has been ignoring them because he's been unable to focus on much farther than a foot away from him, and the cats have been ignoring him, well, because he's loud, not particularly delicious, and is unable to pet them and tell they're good kitties and give them treats. When he finally graduates to solid food and starts flinging it about, I expect they'll be right there, helping clean up.

But it hasn't been all a Cold War standoff. We dressed Ian up as a cat (note the logo on his shirt, indicating his allegiance to Andy) and plopped him down in a chair. Then June came along, and, well, here you go:

Reading: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. No, really. I've never read it. Seen the BBC miniseries a few times, tho'.


OMG, so cute! I love the second picture especially, where they're staring into each other's eyes. And Ian has grown so much already! Jeez!

That's just too adorable.

That's just incredibly cute. Just wait, cats, until he starts pulling your tails!

And P&P! One of my most favorite books. That last Bujold book about Gregor's wedding? Definitely modeled on the Austen comedy of manners. Of course, Austen doesn't do butter bugs, but there are similarities!

Yay - Ian has found the cats!! He is getting so big and is still adorable (of course). So is June - adorable, I mean, not getting so big.

I don't know what I was expecting from that photo sequence, but at the end of it I found myself breathing a sigh of relief that it all turned out okay.

Great pics--Ian is such a cutie! Ack!

Thanks, everyone.

Sarah, I'd forgotten about that Vorkosigan book riffing off Austen.

Greg, you just understand that mixing babies with animals is often fraught with peril.

Jon!! What a handsome little man. :)Hugs!!

Awwwwwwwwwwww that's so sweet!!!!!!