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The Dream Police

Got a request for a rewrite on a sub to a market I don't wish to name as yet. Don't want to jinx things. Also got my very own copy of Twenty Epics in the mail today. Yay! It's a most handsome volume, I must say.

* * *

Took Ian out today solo: to vote against Ralph Reed, to the drugstore, to the grocery. Felt like quite the responsible & competent parent. Of course, he still sleeps through it all. That always helps.

Reading: Valentine, by Lucius Shepard. Also, Goodnight Moon a few times.


Good luck with the rewrite!

Congrats on the rewrite and the solo tour with the wee one!

Good luck with the rewrite, and yay for taking Ian to vote. It's never to early. ;)

I have ordered my copy of Twenty Epics and am very much looking forward to reading your story. And good luck on that rewrite!

Way to do your part to keep Ralph Reed off the ballot.

Good luck with the rewrite!

Thank you one and all. Now, if only I can get my brain cells to start marching the same direction.