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In Which The Reader Is Filled With Doubt

We've set up an online gallery of Ian pics, in order to satisfy the ravenous demands of grandparents and other miscellaneous relatives. However, it's password protected, in order to keep out intarweb villains. If you're interested in obtaining access, drop me a line, but I'll be honest: I'm unlikely to hand it out to random folks to whom I've never met, or at least known online for years. Lousy downfall of society, raising my paranoia like that.

There will still be pics of the lad here from time to time. So don't worry, Jenn. :)

* * *

Lisa's sister Lisa J has agreed to babysit Ian tomorrow, so my Lisa and I will be able to go see Johnny Depp's latest Keith Richards imitation. Arrr!

* * *

29 day rejection from Flash Me magazine the other day. Also, I was informed at some point not too long ago that the anthology Twenty Epics, containing my story "The Book of Ant" is now available for purchase. Of course, you may also want to buy it so you can read new stories by Tim Pratt, Ben Rosenberg, Meghan McCarron, Christopher Rowe, David Schwartz, Christopher Barzak, etc. Clearly that should seal the deal. Also, anyone at ReaderCon, I've been led to believe they'll have copies for sale at the Small Beer Press table. Check it out, yo.

Recent Reading: The Colorado Kid, by Stephen King. Good, but I also agree with Greg's reaction to the packaging. Also, I found myself mildly jarred by assertions that Starbucks Coffee houses, Blockbuster Video, and Diet Coke existed in 1980. I've read that King is claiming that the Starbucks' reference ties back to the Dark Tower sequence as "some sort of clue". Possibly (I haven't read the whole thing, I'll admit), but all of them added together makes sloppy research seem much more likely to me.


Congrats on the baby, Abyss & Apex, & 20 Epics!

Helluva month!