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Fancy Plans. With Pants To Match

From time to time, Lisa likes looking around on job listings. Nothing serious; she's just seeing what's out there. I don't usually do that sort of thing, but this, a job in this place would be just the thing for me.

(Sighs wistfully)

Not that I'm too inclined to move across the country just for a job (I'd prefer to save that for something important, like fleeing creditors), but hey, a guy can dream.

Reading: A Handbook of America Prayer, by Lucius Shepard. Also, not reading, but after we get Ian down for the night, we are watching NewsRadio, season 4. Ah, Jimmy.


I'd help you with moving costs!!! :-D

DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!! (That'd put you just a few hour's driving distance from me.) DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!!!

Or, if you don't, console yourself by thinking about Riverside's smog (which is considerable). And the people there wear funny pants. And they wouldn't know a good danish if it came up and started singing "Wonderful Copenhagen."

But otherwise ... DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

(But I'll understand if you don't.)

Have I mentioned that my parents met at UCR? And that Shawn's going to school there (currently on medical leave but intending to return)? And that you and the family could hang out up here in Big Bear on the weekends?

I think you should do it.

Cool! Best job ever.

But hmmm. They left the Uof I off their list of libraries with significant collections, and we just last year got this huge fanzine collection. I've got to talk to the curator one of these days...

I'm sorry to get everyone's hopes up, but sadly, there are no currently available jobs working with the collection itself.

I didn't mean to taunt you all. My apologies.

Meanie. Good thing you have a cute baby, or you'd be in trouble.

(Hangs head in shame)

I'll keep an eye out for job openings. Perhaps Shawn can arrange for someone to have an "accident."

I remember when I worked at UCD, all the good books came from UCR. But the SF books were in their SPECIAL COLLECTIONS!! You had to only read it in that special room and sometimes WITH GLOVES! You should totally do it. That would be so cool!