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Still moving around in two to three hours blocks, which roughly charts how long the lad sleeps between feedings. He's not always sleeping in between, however. Sometimes he's awake, looking around and soaking up knowledge like the little sponge he is. Yesterday morning, after his second breakfast, I had a frank and earnest discussion with him about the nature of reincarnation. He looked interested all the way through, until I got to the end, whereupon he started crying. What this means, I'm not sure. Except maybe to leave the cheap philosophy for when he gets to college.

* * *

33 day rejection yesterday from new UK mag Forgotten Worlds.

* * *

My animated world: Dutch stop-motion animation film. Not as good as Tim's find, An Ode to George Washington, but does have many nods to '80s video games!


Second breakfast, eh? So he's studying up to be a hobbit! ;-)

Could be. He's short, eats constantly, and isn't much for adventures.