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Another Milestone

Got an email this morning that literary/slipstream/plain ol' funky zine Electric Velocipede is accepting my poem, "Under the Garden in Dreams." If you glop prose and poetry in together (as I do), it's my fiftieth sale! Woo, fifty! 5-0! 5-0!

This is not the rewrite request, by the way. A different thing altogether.

I celebrate by continuing to intake mass quantities of caffeine. Diluted in flavored beverages, of course. Undiluted caffeine is actually a poison. A wonderful, beautiful, heavenly poison.

* * *

Also, something I hadn't heard before, due to my less copious free time: lost Beatles recordings found. That should be interesting to listen to, when they get around to releasing them. Because you know they're going to. It's like found pirate treasure, an oil well in your front yard, aliens trading a working FTL drive for a Bic pen. Well, maybe not that last. But it'll still make their various estates a ton o'cash, and I think McCartney might be in need of more money these days.


Dude, congrats!!! Fifty sales is downright fablious! I am in much awe (and envy) of your mad skillz.

That's a heap lot of sales, dude. Congrats on the latest!

Congrats on the big 5-0!

50!!! That's fabulous. I still remember when Demonheart got sold. :-)

Congrats on the sale, man! (All 50 of 'em!)

50!!! Wooot!!!