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A Line I'd Forgotten

I always say science fiction is different from other genres because it is not a form. Other genres have a form that they will reproduce, or cut slices off, or play variants on. Science fiction is an approach, which you can use with any form. That's why there are science fiction detective stories, science fiction cowboy stories, science fiction historicals, science fiction pornography. You change one thing in the world, as H.G. Wells and John Wyndham did; or you change everything you can get at, as Cordwainer Smith or Philip K. Dick did; and then you tell whatever kind of story you fancy.
-- Colin Greenland, interviewing Michael Moorcock in "From Portobello to the End of Time," in Death Is No Obstacle, Savoy: 1992

Upon rereading this, I find myself thinking that fantasy is a variant of the same animal. But perhaps not.

This would also make our beloved genre actually our beloved form-stealing approach.

* * *

78 day rejection from Asimov's yesterday. Short, personal, signed by Ms. Williams. More traction than I ever got with Dozois.


Personal note from Sheila Williams... that's really good!